Does electrocuting a person so many times lead to different behavior? I’d like to think so. I’m referring to Instapaper‘s Tilt-scrolling of course (see video below), arguably the best feature in the app and for the small iPhone screen I read many articles on. Why does tilt-scrolling work? Because the finger doesn’t get in the way of the text and the small iPhone screen means that you have to scroll down often. It’s quite addicting.

What’s interesting to me and lead to the Pavlov’s dog reference is that I also started playing this other game largely relying on tilting, only days after intensively getting into Instapaper 3 reading. It’s called Dark Nebula 2 and belongs in the class of tilt-based games like Labyrinth and Super Monkey Ball. I’ve never much been into this kind of stuff, but somehow my tilt-based reading made me more adept at it. Strange…

That’s all I really want to say. There should be more tilt-based stuff on tablets. Who wants fingers in the way of their content? Not me!

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