Guerrilla Marketing: Social Innovation is looking for technology…

By the sea, you mostly think about people, pedicure, skin, sand, seaweed, tennis balls and of course you try to make a link between innovation, start-ups and their connection with guerilla marketing.
what? you don’t? come on, you are not even geek enough …

Keyword of this head-on-the-sand brainstorming : Guerrilla Marketing
Always very impressive.
Knitting sockets for street-lamps, waking up your co-citizens,  or printing you “tete” (head) on the floor out of the metro to sell records or ray ban glasses…. ah ! fascinating – respect for the brand / checked . prescription circle short-circuited and the brand needs a promotion to an icon.
I had kind of forgotten of this silly risky stuff going back to my mentally safe and rigid country-cocoon. Until a few days ago I stumbled over a campaign made for Media Markt from Leo Burnett that is actually a guerrilla marketing study-case. click it!
Media Markt Junkmen.
In two words the guys used an ancient  hoaxing mechanism for the real world and attempted to turn it into a sales channel. Actually  since it had a guerilla conotation the guys just tested reactions without really managing the channel. And of course they raised comments, digs and lifted eyebrows in various shapes.

gure mkt

Doesn’t advertising need it’s own R&D space? Second life what? Real life needed… To my attention, there are no real start-ups in the advertising space (end-to-end) so this risk had to be integrated into a big corporation’s structure like Leo Burnett. (ok maybe there are, but that’s another post)

Three comments from my side.
one : they and us have to get used to it, interactivity is here.
two : guerrilla has the same connotation as innovation, as for now (this is why geeks like that stuff)

three : next week, the time I hold my breath underwater I am going to take this further — How do you turn  guerrilla heroes and heroism into sustainable business and transform surprise to respect from the mass and their structured values ?

some of your good ideas might help me … breathe better



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3 Responses to “Guerrilla Marketing: Social Innovation is looking for technology…”

  1. Jeremy and I discussed the other day how clever you are, but how I have to read each an every one of your posts 2-3 times to get what you’re saying. You’re a blog-reader’s nightmare, but I don’t think I would have it any other way.

    (Guerrilla) Marketing is actually a great way to do R&D, but I think it’s the unusual case of open R&D, where new barriers are broken, new standards are formed, and marketeers constantly copy each other. And because of this risk, there is a lot, a lot of innovation, which makes it a very exciting field.

    I look forward to your next post.

  2. Georgia Psyllidou says:

    sorry Vince, I didn’t mean to complicate things. I guess that I am trying to squeeze down many dimensions through one single channel. If you were an electrical engineer geek, the phrase I will have to check my frequencies in the filter would make sense; in other words, there are many cultural and educational stuff that create this tim-burtonish creatures you read. thank you for doing it :)

    I like the frame of marketeers copying stuff, life itself.
    that’s maybe why people in business always tease them for their object. some breathing time has been won…

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